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What Would Jesus Do on Election Day?

I think the question was meant sardonically. Or maybe the questioner already had an obvious answer to “What Would Jesus Do on Election Day?” For some, anyway, the answer is obvious: Jesus would vote for party A or candidate B … Continue reading

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Jill Pole’s Road to Emmaus

It is one of the more intriguing appearances of Jesus after the puzzling event of the empty tomb. Rather than grand appearances, Christ slowly slipped into the lives of his disciples, visiting two or three at a time while skirting Jerusalem … Continue reading

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“Choosing Heaven: A Choice You Can Watch in the Making”: A Guest Sermon by Doug Jackson

As part of our ongoing occasional series on The Great Divorce, I have invited Doug Jackson to share a devotional reflection on this classic C.S. Lewis book. It takes the form of a homily, a sermon on the idea of heaven based … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the New Testament

I am teaching a class at the University of Prince Edward Island this semester. “RS 387: The New Testament” is one of my favourite courses to teach. I love the world that the Jesus movement emerged out of–a cultural mess … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Think Jesus Was a Soccer Dad…

Or that Mary Magdalene was a redeemer goddess. Or that Christ was an invention by the aristocratic elite to sooth the masses. Or that he never existed. Or that anything is really factual on the page that Dan Brown titles … Continue reading

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