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The Hound of Heaven, Cat and Mouse: Stories of Conversion

When I was young, I had no idea that there was such a terrifying concept as an all-loving, ever-pervasive God who sought not intellectual precision or ritualistic elegance or even sheer human kindness, but who sought the elusive self-honesty that … Continue reading

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A Clash of Faith: What Happens When Punk Rocker Terry Chimes Reads “Mere Christianity”

It’s hard not to love The Clash, though they started filling the stage with noise when I was still in diapers. That’s okay, since Clash headman Mick Jones said in his last performance, “This here set of music is now … Continue reading

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Was C.S. Lewis Wrong about His Own Conversion?

C.S. Lewis’ conversion to Christianity is one of the 21st century’s classic spiritual stories. And the moment of his final, reluctant yielding to a belief in God has been often repeated: “You must picture me alone in that room in … Continue reading

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A Tribute to a Mentor

No one was more formative to the thinking of the young C.S. Lewis than William Thompson Kirkpatrick. Lovingly dubbed “The Great Knock” by the Lewis family, Kirkpatrick absolutely transformed Lewis’ way of thinking and set him on his academic trajectory. … Continue reading

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