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From the Mouths of Atheists: Faith Lessons from Terry Pratchett

In creating the Discworld, Terry Pratchett set for himself an interesting problem for an atheist of his era: he created a world where gods are a reality. From an artist’s perspective, this is no particular problem at all. Pratchett made what … Continue reading

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A Clash of Faith: What Happens When Punk Rocker Terry Chimes Reads “Mere Christianity”

It’s hard not to love The Clash, though they started filling the stage with noise when I was still in diapers. That’s okay, since Clash headman Mick Jones said in his last performance, “This here set of music is now … Continue reading

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Beyond Words: A Review of Daily Readings in the ABC’s of Faith by Frederick Buechner

This is a slightly edited review of one I published in 2004 in Living Light News out of Edmonton, AB. I have blogged about Buechner before, and consider him an honourary Inkling who was influenced by C.S. Lewis. I consider … Continue reading

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